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Cream Chipped Beef Is The Most Slept On Breakfast & Anyone Who Says They Don't Like It Is An Elitist Liar

A few weeks ago on The Yak I brought up my love of creamed chipped beef. It's the Rolls Royce of the biscuits and gravy genre with  paper thin shreds of super salty, dried beef swimming in a thick butter/flour/milk roux, all plopped (and honey I mean plopped) on top of toast or hash browns. (Extra crispy if you ask me.) It first became widely known during WWI because it was a cheap, hearty, easy meal to serve huge groups of troops who referred to it as "shit on a shingle" or SOS. I'm sure deep down they totally loved it. 

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Back to The Yak, the fellas immediately tried to shut me down, acting like it was the grossest thing they'd ever heard of and I was disgusting for liking it. 


They would never recover from my diabetes & pear laden response. 

Thankfully they learned the error of their ways & made up for it by having Chef Donny make me my own plate of SOS for my birthday today. (The real purpose of this blog is to let you know it's my birthday.) This was the big chance for all the haters to see how delicious it truly is. 

But unfortunately I went and ruined it with my face.


Extremely, painfully fair. 

Still, the real ones know. It's salty, savory, pure carb heaven. We had it for dinner all the time when I was growing up, and in the NE it was my #1, must-order hangover food from any diner.. Cream chipped beef on toast, chocolate milkshake, apple juice, coffee, ice water. Best cure in the world. I tried to find some here in Chicago and even called around but alas. 

So thanks again to Donny (who told me it's not something he'd ever actually order but maybe you could fix it if you put real meat in it, maybe). 

Back to the true heart of this story - my birthday.. All I really want besides creamed chipped beef is for you to like & subscribe to The Yak, even if it's to dislike & tell me that after this episode you'll never be able to get a boner again. <3< p>