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Normal Offseason: Instead Of Officially Announcing His Retirement, Darren Waller Dropped Another Song With Kelsey Plum And Football References

Clem blogged this earlier today. Fine, just retire, save us some money and let us all move on with Theo Johnson and Daniel Bellinger as the tight ends this year. We can work with that, it's all about figuring out the quarterback and an offensive line that won't get any of the 3 quarterbacks killed anyways. So when I saw that blog and the news, I was fine with it. Whatever, you strike out on players all the time, especially with the Giants. 

But then I saw this. 

Goddamnit. Look, he's still technically a Giant so it matters to me. Until he retires, I gotta worry about the guys who will determine how happy I am on Sundays in the fall. Not my fault, just how life works as a fan. Just announce you're retiring! Darren Waller is clearly online and likes to make references, just announce you retired and then get back to making music. Do whatever makes you happy, but you gotta let us know. 

I don't even care if the Byron Leftwich reference works. I'm all for a Byron Leftwich/Marshall reference. And, hey, I guess it's an improvement from this disaster. 

Like I said, I don't care if you want to be a rapper. Just announce the retirement yourself already. Stop with the references until us fans don't have to worry about it anymore. Oh and just remembered the Giants are on that new offseason Hard Knocks show, can't wait for this to be a topic. Need Daniel Jones and Drew Lock's reaction to it all. Maybe give Tommy DeVito a Real World-esque confessional. Just one offseason without weird shit happening is all we're looking for now going forward. Low bar, low expectations.