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I Don't Know Whether To Be Impressed Or Scared Of This Guy Who Uses His Nose To Fill Up Balloons

UPI News - Serial record-breaker David Rush earned his 173rd concurrently-held Guinness World Records title by using his nose to inflate 28 balloons in three minutes.

Rush, who is on a quest to hold the most concurrent Guinness World Records titles, already held the one minute version of the record, but the three minute version took him 42 attempts to achieve.

Another day ... another record. This time I'm officially torn on whether I am impressed or scared. I really do mean that. I try to go into this with an open mind, even though I wonder of all the different things these people could be spending their time on instead of bizarre skills (use that loosely). Think about how many books someone could read, what kind of languages they could learn, or literally anything else they could do than this. On the other hand, I have to be impressed because the guy still can blow ip a baloon with his nose and that's an impressive party trick. 

Truthfully, every time I watch one of these I marvel that one day someone woke up and decided not only was there a need for the world to see someone blow up balloons with their nose, but that they would be the one to do it. And on top of that, they would spend their time learning how to do it. That's the part that will always baffle me.

With al that said, if a guy did this at a bar I would be impressed.