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Monica McNutt Had Stephen A In Disbelief After Ethering Him About Not Doing More With His Platform To Promote The WNBA

So this happened this morning on First Take after a what felt like 45 minute long debate on the WNBA and in particular the drama over the weekend with Chennedy Carter and Caitlin Clark. I write this every WNBA blog to beat the commenters to the "stop trying to make the WNBA happen" to tell you that the top 5 blogs on Barstool SPORTS last week were all WNBA related. Men lie, women lie, numbers don't:

Anyway, this interaction between McNutt and Stephen A was prime television regardless of who you think is right. Someone hitting you with a "wow" after you eviscerate them for 2 minutes straight means they're either a) guilty as charged or b) can't believe you had that in your bag. Silencing Stephen A is an impossible task and McNutt managed to do it. And Molly Qerim shows why she's one of the greatest moderators out there by letting them cook before having to cut them off. 

The obvious answer is that of course First Take didn't spend 40 minutes on a WNBA segment three years ago, because there was less eyes on the sport and they are guarded on what topics and agendas the executives want you to push. And that topic just happens to be the WNBA for the foreseeable future. Love it or hate it, you watched.

P.S. This image is an all-timer.