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The Taco Bell Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap Supreme Is Real And It's SPECTACULAR

So I blogged about Taco Bell expanding past the handful of items that they use to make their entire menu of deliciousness by taking a Cheez-It and blowing it up to a monster Cheez-It thanks to what I imagine was the machine from the box office smash hit "Honey, I Blew Up The Kid", which looking back is a pretty fucked up movie title with no context.

As is usually the case with big fast food releases, I was counting down the minutes until I could get my paws on that incredible culinary concoction and I waited. And waited. And waited. I don't know if it's me getting old or time not being a real thing since 2020, but it felt like this Cheez-It collab was never going to happen to the point I forgot it was even a thing.

Fast forward two years and I FINALLY saw the big Cheez-It pop up on my timeline out of the goddamn blue. I thought it was only for food influencers. But I pulled up my trusty Taco Bell app, saw I could get a taste of the future (I like to think I was chosen at random instead of it being an app exclusive item), and then pulled into the drive thru to try this Tex Mex Masterpiece, which lived up to the hype.

Did Taco Bell do it again or did Taco Bell do it again? You have all the best parts of the Crunchwrap Supreme, which is an elite fast food item, mixed with the quality and novelty of a Cheez-It the size of your head. Mine was admittedly a bit mushy since I had to drive home before I ate it since I didn't want the people in the restaurant to hear my orgasmic sounds between bites. But that ended up being fine because it tasted like a Doritos Loco Taco that has been soaking up taco juices for a bit, which is to say delicious considering that's another Hall of Fame offering from The Bell.

I haven't had the Tostada yet, mostly because it feels like something that is way too healthy to order even though it is being served on a giant cracker. I also haven't built up the nerve to ask for a giant Cheez-It by itself because I have it as the GOAT in the cracker game and I'm not just saying that because my Dozen captain can eat a box of them in one sitting when he feels like a Ziti big boy.

Speaking of which, make sure to vote for my captain for COTY because he has been at the helm of the number one team all year long (except for when he briefly staged an insurrection of The Dozen and was about to start his own trivia league but later backed down for the good of Jeff D. Lowe as well as Ziti, which makes him even more worthy of the award than ever).

Back to Taco Bell, I can't wait to see what they release next and I'm not just saying that because they have the best product reveals on the planet.


Obligatory plug for my old 15 Second Food Reviews that I posted from the nose-down because I didn't want to lose a potential job because Barstool was the boogeyman to some companies back when I was unemployed back in the mid 2010s.