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CJ Stroud Correctly States He'd Rather Have Eli Manning's Career Than Aaron Rodgers' Career

The younger generation is criticized quite a bit by the old folks for a variety of reasons. Being soft, caring more about themselves than the team, caring more about money than the team, not caring enough about winning, the list goes on and on, and in many cases it's probably rightfully so. But every now and then you stumble across a young guy who just gets it. Who understands there's no "I" in team and his only concern is winning Super Bowls. Not Super Bowl. Super BowlS. As in multiple. More than one. That's the only goal when every season begins. Not to win MVP. Not to pad stats. It's the ultimate goal of hoisting the Lombardi trophy in February and be able to call themselves "World Champions."

Just when I thought I couldn't be anymore proud of my young king CJ Stroud, he goes and gives an answer like that. I've never been so proud of another human being in my life. Doesn't care about flash. Doesn't care about personal achievements. Doesn't care about getting high on Ayahuasca and researching alternatives to vaccines in the offseason. He's only focused on ball and showing love to the great Eli Manning, the best big game QB in NFL history. Real recognize real. Greatness recognize greatness. I could shed a tear I'm so happy and proud. CJ Stroud is destined for greatness. 

Nothing better than having your two worlds collide. My college GOAT praising my NFL GOAT. Now all I need is the Giants to pull off a blockbuster trade to get Stroud to the Giants and I'm really cooking with grease. Totally realistic trade. Ohio State national title and Giants Super Bowl incoming. Stay tuned.