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Plot Twist: The Guy Who Was Driving During His Hearing for a Suspended License Was Actually Told It Was Reinstated Two Years Ago, But There Was a Clerical Error by the Court

Everyone remembers last week's viral sensation Corey Harris, the man who showed up to his Zoom hearing for a suspended driver's license while actively driving his car. Well, it seems after learning the rest of the story that we all owe him an apology.

WXYZ — The video of Corey Harris that went viral has garnered a lot of laughs but it is no joke for Harris who is trying to understand how he even ended up being charged with driving while license suspended.

The suspension is tied to a child support case with Saginaw County Friend of the Court. And in January 2022, a judge ordered that suspension be lifted to allow Harris to drive again.

But according to the Michigan Secretary of State's office, they never received a clearance from the friend of the court in 2022, so Harris' suspension was never lifted.

Well damn. I suppose we can understand Corey's confusion now.

I hope Mr. Harris has been in contact with whoever was supposed to file that clearance with the court and has had a word or two with them, because their fuckery caused him to end up being one of the most talked about people in America for a few days. If it's any consolation, I — and I'm sure many others — loved Corey from the jump and will defend him to the death. We will not let Saginaw County get away with this.