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Dude Ends Up Ass-Over-Ankles Dangling From A Fence While Another Guy Cackles And Giddily Records The Failed Escape Attempt

What a video. If you've ever tried scaling a large fence, you know it's not easy the older you get. When I was little, I could absolutely fly over fences. Baseball, football, yard, or cow... didn't matter. I was hopping over fences like there was no tomorrow. I take a little running start, leap, and the next thing you know, I'm gone. I'm outta there and over the fence. People would stare and be a little turned on by how I could ninja myself with little to no effort. People would gasp and I wouldn't even so much need to gasp for air. It was nothing to me until it was. 

I'm far from fence-climbing shape now. I'd probably end up worse than this dude who just got humiliated on the internet. Every time you go out in public, you risk being recorded in a way that could possibly ruin your entire life. It might not be something that gets you fired, costs you a relationship, or gets you arrested, but your life can feel over. 

I'm sure our upside-down pal feels like that right now. We don't know if he was doing anything illegal. We just know that he didn't want to be held back by that pesky fence anymore. He could have been just trying to get to his Uber without walking all the way around a huge complex and now he ends up on this site. Sad. Maybe he had a few drinks and just wanted to speed up his route by cutting off some of the distance. Who knows. I just know that his testicles are probably shredded. Even if he didn't cause any real injury to himself, his pride will be hurt for the remainder of time. 

PS: the dude taking the video adding more crazy shit at the end of the fence situation is wild. What was going on there? Why were there multiple wrecks and sirens? Was the dude climbing the fence the driver of the car in question? Drunk driving? I need more. It's as simple as that. I need more.