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Some Things: Robert MacIntyre Is Going Back Home To Scotland To Party And Pay Off His Parents Mortgage After Winning The Canadian Open With His Dad Caddying

We had a true some things are bigger than sports moment yesterday. Robert MacIntyre aka Bobby Mac won his first PGA Tour event, the Canadian Open, with his dad on the bag. It wasn't the fact his dad was he caddie, it's the fact he was called to be his caddie a week ago. 

There were some nerves and close calls down the stretch of MacIntyre blowing the lead, ultimately winning it obviously. But it's what happened after that I think won everyone over on Bobby Mac. It started with his dad talking about being a grass-cutter 

Then there was the call to his mom: 

Look, that's the stuff people dream of. You win your first PGA event with your dad on the bag, you get to call your mom and tell her the mortgage is paid off. That's the definition of some things! But it's not just paying off mortgages and making your dad cry. It's embracing the party, something MacIntyre plans to do


And don't get it wrong, the man knows how to have a good time. 

So congrats to all the MacIntyre's, that's one hell of a day. Now it's time for me to convince my dad to hang up the clubs and get on my bag. I got some random league nights to win and apparently this is the only way to get it done. And if you do win a league night, you can get your dad exactly what he wants.