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Holy Shit: Roaring Kitty Posted On Reddit For The First Time In 3 Years And Revealed A $200 MILLION Position In GameStop And $GME Is Surging

I woke up this morning and couldn't believe what I was seeing Dave and the whole Internet freak out about. You don't have to know shit about stock trading to realize that this legitimately is one of the craziest stories of all time. A retail trader invests roughly 50 grand into the market and 3 years later he's posting Reddit updates for the first time with $180 MILLION of position in a single stock? Talk about liking the stock.

Of course you have your dorks like Darren Rovell with horrible takes as usual:

How did our great retail traders like Dave Portnoy (who is not a financial advisor) respond?



One thing is for sure and this is definitely not financial advice but I refuse to sit on the sidelines while a guy somehow turns $50,000 into $200 million. I missed Bitcoin in the early 2010's and I won't be stuck holding the bag or without a bag this time. Unless they keep halting the stock and screw us over and the only person getting rich is Kitty himself. But if the stock keeps surging and hit $70, which it ran up to 75% before coming back down a little bit at the time of this writing, Roaring Kitty is somehow going to become a billionaire. That could bring a tear to any American's eye.