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WR1: Vikings Smartly Made Justin Jefferson The NFL's Highest-Paid Non-QB Player In NFL History With A New $140 Million Contract

And there it is. A no-brainer if you asked me. I said it last week in a blog when reports that the Vikings tried to trade up to land Malik Nabers and then trade Justin Jefferson if that happened. It made no sense to do that. You have a QB1 on a rookie deal, the whole point of that is to have good players around him. I know I might sound crazy here, but Justin Jefferson is elite, great, however you want to say it. That's a guy you should want to pay and keep around to help a rookie quarterback. Again, just spitballing ideas here from a recliner.

But really that sound you hear is Ja'Marr Chase probably cumming himself. If Justin Jefferson is getting this money, so is Ja'Marr Chase, who is in line for a new deal. 

Also can't wait to see Jerry Jones freak out and what he offers CeeDee Lamb after this. That's really going to be what we're waiting for. Yeah, Lamb is good, but this is all about Jerry Jones. Something dumb is going to happen there and I can't wait to watch it unfold. But Chase? He's going to get his money. You don't draft him and Joe Burrow only for them to split up after a few years. I do want some Chase trade rumors though just to watch Bengals fans lose their goddamn minds. That's always a good time too. 

That said, remember when people were talking about wide receivers going the way of the running back? That guys wouldn't get paid and you find plug and play type guys. Yeah, that was dumb. Look at all the contracts wide receivers are getting. 

Oh and an obligatory video here now.