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All Signs Are Pointing Toward Darren Waller Retiring From The Giants Next Week When Mandatory Mini Camps Begin

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

I don't think this is a surprise to any Giants fans that have been hearing about rumors of Darren Waller looking to retire for months now. But getting one of those weird tag team report from Jordan Raanan AND Schefty tells me that we have probably seen the last of Waller in a Giants jersey after :looks up stats: 12 whole games.

The consensus on the Waller trade was that if everything went right for the Giants, this would be a home run move that gave the team an actual game breaking receiver for the first time since Odell Beckham Jr. was re-signed to not be traded before being traded to the Browns. Instead of everything going right, everything went wrong like they typically have often during the last decade of Giants football, which I imagine led Darren Waller to wonder if he still wanted to get into multiple human car wrecks every week in exchange for millions of dollars. The toll from doing that as a Raider then a Giant finally led him to say "Fuck No".

Sure it sucks that the Giants lose a weapon in the passing game whose most trusted weapon is a rookie receiver that has never played an NFL game. But having a guy locked up for a huge chunk of change that doesn't know if he wants to go through the utter hell that is an NFL season isn't a great thing either considering you have to be fully committed, and probably insane, to make it through a 17 game season. 

On the bright side, Waller retiring helps the Giants financially right away.

In all honesty, Darren Waller's legacy with the Giants will probably be that he ended up being the guy that was traded for Kadarius Toney, which was a double positive for the Giants since it got Toney's crazy ass out of the Big Blue locker room while also allowing Kadarius to be the Yung Joka to take down the Eagles in the Super Bowl (along with former Giants James Bradberry). So I am going to chalk that trade up as a W for everyone involved no matter what Tre Hawkins III ends up doing for the G-Men as the other part of the deal.

I may be bummed as a Giants fan that Darren Waller the former Pro Bowler is retiring. But I am THRILLED as a music and unintentional comedy fan that Darren Waller the musician now has more time to churn out art like his latest music video.


Best of luck with your next steps in the future, Darren. Once a Giant, always a Giant, even if it was only 12 games in one of the most forgettable Giants seasons ever (other than that outrageous Tommy Devito run that still feels like a fever dream mere months later). 

Hey Tommy, hit everyone with the Paisan Fingers to bring the vibes up before training camp!

Perfect. Can't wait to have this team back in my life on a daily basis.