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Always Be Hooping: Kevin Durant Hitting Jab Steps And Jumpers In The Middle Of The Club Is The Stuff Of Kings

I fucking love this so much from Kevin Durant. One of the greatest scorers we've ever seen in basketball is basically just a 7-foot, multi-million dollar worth version of the rest of us. You're telling me you never squared up in a triple threat and pretended to get a bucket while walking around your house? That's an hourly move for someone who works from home. The dog has no shot of guarding me one-on-one when I get into a triple threat. But this isn't about me, this is about Kevin Durant. All I can think about seeing this video is this tweet: 

There's no relax to work on your jab step game! Kevin Durant doesn't care if he's in the club, he's going to get in the triple threat, hit you with a jab step and show you how he's gonna get his jumper. King type shit. I can speak on behalf of most men here, we are dumb humans in the sense of we see something to throw in something else and immediately become NBA players. Trash, laundry, it doesn't matter. We're going to practice our jumper. 

Between the burner accounts, interacting all the time and this sort of stuff, Kevin Durant is the funniest superstar in the league. I love how he doesn't give a shit. You think he cares that people are filming him jab stepping in the club? Of course not. He's just living his life as a ridiculously rich man. He's got it figured out.