Attending A Rammstein Show Is Officially On My To-Do List

Ever since being introduced to the German industrial (?) band Rammstein via the opening scene of the very underrated Vin Diesel classic XXX,

(Sidebar- up until seeing this, I’d always day dreamt of hitting underground clubs in Europe and raging until 4 in the afternoon the next day. Then I saw this scene and have been traumatized ever since. I couldn’t handle 2 minutes of that. I’d curl up in the fetal position and hyperventilate)

Unfairly, I  kind of wrote them off for being too hardcore for my tastes.

But that was before Corey Taylor turned me into a metal guy.

I had previously just known Rammstein shows for being full of pyro and being responsible for fucking destroying Soldier Field.

But ever since we posted that Rammstein clip on the Backstage account a few weeks ago, and had it go LUNAR, I’ve had a healthy dose of Rammstein content in my algorithm lately and I gotta say, the shows look fun as fuck.



I mean look at this-

Also, they get some fuckin babes at these shows.


Last thing, question from the newbie here, are these guys gay? It looks like these two open mouth kiss every show? Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all. Just didn’t see it coming if so. Either that or they’re just very very friendly like Tom Brady. 

But yah, I’m hoping they come back around to play Soldier Field because you bet your ass I’m not missing it again.