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Today's UFC Press Conference In Dublin For Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler Has Been Postponed Until Further Notice

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I'm trying not to panic here, but this can't be good.

Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler were supposed to attend a sold out press conference in Dublin later today at the 3Arena (which holds 13,000 rabid fans), but it has now been cancelled as of midnight ET - or 5am in Ireland. We have no indication as to why it's been called off, though, and the UFC specifically uses the phrase "postponed until further notice" in their announcement….which is all pretty worrisome in my opinion. 

Plenty of UFC staff (including Dana White) and media/reporters flew straight from the pay-per-view in Newark on Saturday night to Dublin, and this was going to be the big launching off point of the build to UFC 303 and International Fight Week. Tons of money had to be put into this. Something biiig must be in the way of getting it done this late in the game, and I'm just praying it's not something that's gonna get in the way of the fight happening too. 

I don't want to speculate too much because we know so little right now that it could truly be anything from an injured fighter to a medical/family emergency to a logistical problem at the arena; I'm just bummed that this is how the greatest comeback in sports history is getting started. Especially after they dropped this banger of a trailer last night….

Hopefully everything's okay and we're getting all worked up for nothing and they reschedule things quickly and the fight goes smoothly on June 29th and McGregor knocks Chandler out in 1 tho. Fingers crossed.