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Jason Sudeikis Asked Travis Kelce When He’s Going To “Make An Honest Woman Out Of Taylor Swift Because She Shouldn’t Have To Work Anymore”, and Said “His Kicker Agrees”

I’ll make this short and sweet.

1- Jason Sudeikis is the man. One of those guys who can always slide in a shot at you or your buddy and you can’t help but laugh. 

2- How fuckin skinny is George Wendt now and how good does he look for his age? You go George you hot silver fox piece of ass you.

3- How many times a day do you think Travis Kelce gets asked this question? By his family and by annoying people everywhere he comes in contact with. Poor bastard. Too bad he’s trapped now and the only way out of this relationship for him, where he can keep his reputation in tact and avoid becoming public enemy #1, is for Taylor to somehow get sick of him and dump him. Think about it. Any other scenario under the sun that doesn’t result in him proposing to her and he’s a dead man. 

4- don’t think we’ve heard anything close to the end of the Harrison Butker jokes and takes. It hasn’t even bug in yet. Wait til training camp begins.

5- this looked like a pretty cool event for charity. And holy shit did they pack it.