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Watch This When You're High - Admiral Richard Byrd And His Voyage To Antarctica And Hollow Earth

This is pretty wild. 

Admiral Richard E. Byrd's contributions to polar exploration and scientific research are well-documented. The conspiracy theories that have emerged around his Antarctic missions are largely based on speculation stemming from the various accounts he and his crew had given, as well as his journals which have lost of pages redacted.

The most wild and believed  conspiracy theory surrounding Admiral Richard E. Byrd centers on his supposed discovery of a hidden, advanced civilization, and/or secret bases in Antarctica during his expeditions, particularly his 1947 "Operation Highjump" mission.

Operation Highjump was conducted in 1946-1947. It was one of the largest Antarctic expeditions ever undertaken. Conspiracy theorists claim that this mission had ulterior motives beyond its official objectives of establishing research bases and training personnel for the United States. They allege that Byrd's real mission was to investigate reports of a hidden entrance to a subterranean world beneath Antarctica, aligning with the "Hollow Earth" theory. This theory proposes that the Earth is hollow and is home to a number of advanced, but hidden civilizations.

One of the most sensational claims is that Byrd encountered advanced beings living in a hidden realm within or beneath Antarctica. 

Proponents of this theory often cite a supposed secret diary of Byrd's, in which he allegedly described a flight over the South Pole where he entered an opening leading to an inner Earth inhabited by a technologically advanced and peaceful civilization.

Wiki - Another aspect of the conspiracy theory involves the idea that the Nazis established secret bases in Antarctica during World War II. Some theorists suggest that Byrd's expeditions were partly aimed at locating and investigating these supposed bases. According to this theory, remnants of the Nazi regime fled to these hidden bases after the war, continuing their operations in secrecy.

There are also claims linking Byrd's Antarctic missions to UFO sightings and extraterrestrial activity. Some theorists argue that the advanced beings Byrd supposedly encountered were not just hidden civilizations but extraterrestrial visitors who had established bases in Antarctica.

Despite the dramatic nature of these claims, there is no credible evidence to support the conspiracy theories surrounding Admiral Byrd's Antarctic expeditions. The so-called secret diary of Byrd's is widely regarded as a fabrication, and no concrete proof has been found to validate the existence of hidden civilizations, Nazi bases, or extraterrestrial activity in Antarctica. Most historians and experts consider these theories to be speculative and unfounded.


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