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"Cause I'm Prepared To Fuck Somebody Up" - Tommy Pham Had Some Fighting Words For William Contreras And The Brewers After Pham Was Tagged Out At Home And Didn't Like The Brewers Trash Talking Him

Stacy Revere. Getty Images.

It takes a lot for White Sox games to be entertaining in 2024, but when Tommy Pham is on your team you quite literally are always seconds away from something happening. We saw that Sunday when Chicago was in Milwaukee to face the Brewers who seem to really have an edge this season, they've mixed it up with a ton of teams this year. Like 4-5 times where we've had the benches clearing and it always seems to involve the Brew Crew. No problem with that, just know that if you run your mouth against a team with Tommy Pham on it, you will hear back about it. That is exactly what happened after this slide involving Pham and William Contreras.

Pham trying to score the tying run and is literally running on the grass and seems to slide right into Contreras on purpose. Like a heat seeking missile he was aimed right at him. He's not in the base path at all, I mean it's clear he wanted to just hit the ball out. Weird play but it's Tommy Pham, the guy is a loose cannon. Seriously though, look at where he is. 0 intention on sliding into home plate, he knew he was gunned out and just wanted to light up Contreras.

Clown play by Pham here but that's to be expected by a guy like him. Naturally he gets tagged out and Contreras has some words for him, and rightfully so. Again look what he's trying to do. Then Pham does what he does best and acts like a tough guy and gets upset that the Brewers are yapping at him. Tommy Pham trying to play the victim cracks me up, you just can't make that up. Benches clear, Pham with laser focus on the Brewers dugout just begging them to come out and play. It got chippy but it didn't really escalate from there. We did see guys on the White Sox walking him away and getting Pham out of the situation and naturally Pham starts to shadow box to show everyone how tough he really is. First team all fake tough guy. 

I'd understand Pham being upset if Contreras was blocking the plate and all that, but he wasn't even close to blocking it. He gave him an inside lane! He had a path to slide and try and avoid the tag, but why do that when you can just slide right into the catcher and then get mad that they are celebrating? Clown move by Pham to get mad here. But don't worry, he provided us with some great quotes postgame. 

This whole post game Q&A session just screams hardo. “There’s a reason why I do all kinds of fighting in the off-season. Cause I’m prepared to fuck somebody up.” Oh okay Tommy, cool! This coupled with the shadow boxing when he got walked away was laugh out loud funny. He mentioned how he was walking to the dugout and then heard them chirping at him, and that is what turned this all on. Maybe just keep walking to the dugout? You're losing, you were just tagged out, you're on the White Sox, pack it in bud and call it a day. Don't get butthurt over someone celebrating a play. The best part of the whole thing was "I'm never starting anything"…..that just isn't true! He's involved in stuff every single year! Come on Tommy, open your eyes my man. This year I've usually blamed the Brewers for their little bench clearing stuff, this one I don't at all. It's Pham being way too soft, you can't slap a man over Fantasy Football and then get mad at a little trash talk. Toughen up sir. 


Ps. Biggest hardos in this whole clip may be the White Sox announcers. Calm down boys.