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The Hidden Ball Trick Is So Back After Clemson Just Pulled One Off In An NCAA Regional Vs. Coastal Carolina

Nothing gets the juices flowing like a successful Hidden Ball Trick!!! The ultimate Risk / Reward move from the fielders. Not that there's any actual risk to your team if it fails, but there's no question that you look like an absolute dumbass if you waste 30 seconds of the game and get nothing out of it, moping around until the 3rd base coach yells to everyone "He's still got the ball!". But when it works out? Talk about the most electric play in the sport. I'm not sure whether I'd rather see someone steal home or convert a successful Hidden Ball Trick, but I know which one is way more rare and it's the latter.

But let me say this: am I crazy or is the Hidden Ball Trick not a play for 9-year olds? And it sometimes makes its way into a High School State Tournament highlight every few years. But even with that, it's usually the fake pick-off to 2nd base, followed by the shortstop and 2nd baseman diving up the middle for the fake ball, and then when the runner takes off for 3rd, the pitcher chases him down. This version of the Hidden Ball Trick though? I haven't watched every single baseball game of all time, but I don't recall seeing it happen in the playoffs of a high level baseball game like this since....ever? But Clemson just pulled it off against Coastal Carolina in an NCAA Tournament Regional game.

I hate to turn this from excitement to the blame game, but shame on the Coastal Carolina player for falling for it. And also shame on the Coastal Carolina 3rd base coach for not doing his job. What are they both doing where they would fall for this??? I hate to go back to 11u baseball but don't you learn to never leave the base until the Pitcher is on the rubber? Call me old-school but things like that lesson and catching the baseball in the outfield with two-hands seem to be pretty smart? And what's worse...these dudes fell for it just as the Clemson player was ready to give up!!!

It wasn't even a Hidden Ball Trick at that point!! The ball was in plain sight!!!

Either way, Little Leaguers across America are going to be trying this shit starting TOMORROW in their rec leagues and on their travel teams once they see this one on TikTok. This might just become the Summer of the Hidden Ball Trick after Clemson just put them back on the map.