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The Generational Juan Soto Has Made The Yankees, The Yankees Again

Lachlan Cunningham. Getty Images.

Last year's Yankees season made me question everything. Baseball straight up wasn't fun. Life as a whole sucked. And sure if you're like a Twins or Rockies fan seeing a Yankee fan complaining about one year of missing the playoffs, you'll want to commit mass murder thinking about how hard you have it. Well, the Yankees aren't the Twins, they're the Yankees. We operate in a different world with way different expectations. It's been way too long since the fanbase has truly felt like this team was the Yankees again. Well, I can tell you right now, they're fucking back. 

Maybe just what everyone needed was for their them to fail as miserably as they did in 2023. It was the perfect wake up call to all the morons who became content with changing so little year over year. Drastic alterations were necessary regarding the roster, energy, and philosophy in which the organization operates with. No more putting bandaids over giant roster holes. Whatever the hell they did, it worked. The Yankees are 42-19 right now and have all the feelings of a special team if you watch them on daily basis. 

Take today for example. Not sure any sensible thinking fan out there could complain about a 6-3 west coast trip where you win all three series. Come back home to a 41-20 record like the great team that they are. Zero worries whatsoever. They deployed third tier relievers like Dennis Santana and Michael Tonkin/ With Nestor pitching on the road and those guys being the first ones out of the pen, this had all the makings of a punt day. A house money kind of a day if that sounds better than punt. 

Then Trevino beat out that double play ball in the 9th. That brought up Anthony Volpe, who has really settled in as the table setter at the top of this deadly lineup you need to navigate as a pitcher. He found space in the right center gap for an RBI triple. 

With Volpe at 3rd with 1 out, all Soto needed to do was lift a fly ball to the outfield to tie this up. Give me some situational hitting from a professional hitter. The thing is, Juan Soto's version of situational hitting is a little different than the average MLB player. 

This was a road game by the way, but look at the fans watching Soto connect. 


In case you missed his one earlier in the game, enjoy. Yeah, he hit two. 

There are three hitters in the game right now with a 1.000 OPS. The Yankees have two of them and they hit back to back in the order. The stretch that Judge has been on for the last month has been stunning to watch. Maybe the best he's ever looked. With Volpe doing what he's been doing, those two after him, and guys like Verdugo and Stanton lurking in the middle? You're gonna have a tough time beating this team. That's before you even think about how well they've pitched as a whole. Oh and that's without the reigning Cy Young winner Gerrit Cole. He begins his rehab assignment on Tuesday, so if all goes well there you can expect him back in a few weeks. If you're baseball fandom is Yankees hate, these are dark times for you. I'm having a blast. 

P.S. I'm willing to rob a bank for Juan Soto if that's what it will take. $50 beers. $500 chicken buckets. I don't care. He's here for life, no other scenario. 

P.P.S. There's no room for Jasson Dominguez to play and all he's doing in the minors is ripping the cover off the ball. Imagine you put him behind Verdugo? Game over.