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Flawless Plan: Some Guy Slipped His Number To Charley Hull While She Was Playing In The US Open, Shockingly She Hasn't Texted Him For A Date

Big week for Charley Hull at the US Open. She went viral for her smoking a dart while signing autographs 

Maybe it was the weird viral moment, but people finally started talking more about Charley Hull. That's a good thing, because women's golf has plenty of personalities. Not to mention the US Open over in Lancaster was absolute carnage, where Hull finished 19th at +6. Either way, she became a star for her quotes off the course: 

Back to the original point of the blog. The guy who slipped Charley Hull his number, I admire in a weird way. I grew up right next to Lancaster (away from the Amish side) in York. I know Lancaster well. Some would say guys from Lancaster are weirdly confident for no reason at all. They get weird haircuts and think slipping a pro golfer their number to take them out to the finest dinner of Whoopie Pie is going to be the start of a great couple. At what point did he think going 1990s middle school would work though? Plus, if he didn't put a check yes or no box, he had no shot. That's how you always gotta start when you're slipping your number on a piece of paper to a pro athlete. 

You can't deny that Hull is a star: 

Quick witted, not afraid to make fun of people, make fun of herself. Whatever. This is how you respond to people freaking out over you smoking a dart on the course. Normal person type behavior if you ask me. You just gotta know if you're a regular ass guy in Lancaster, Pennsylvania you have a 0% chance of landing a dinner date with Charley Hull. Gotta rework that plan.