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The Queens Of NIL Have Done It Again: The Cavinder Twins Shined At The Sports Illustrated Swim Show

We've written about the Cavinder twins extensively on this blog, from an appearance on BFFs with Dave, to one of the twins' new relationship with Cowboys TE Jake Ferguson, to their return to Miami this season to play one final year of women's hoops. The fact of the matter is that they bring pageviews and NIL money like very few others can. They've somehow found a way to turn what would likely be a relatively average and normal college athletic career into millions of followers and zillions of dollars. When you're able to read about NIL in a textbook one day, the Cavinder twins are a surefire entry. 

One of the most underrated stories of this week was SI Swim announcing they're launching a digital edition, which is probably about 5 years too late for a failing Sports Illustrated that needs to squeeze every last drop of juice out of their golden fruit swimsuit edition. Jerry Thornton wrote a good blog about it here:

So it seems like the people behind SI Swim are smart enough to realize they should just be capitalizing on all the influencers while they can. That feels like it can give you another 10 years of reigning supreme. Maybe I've lost my fastball, but I couldn't list half of the people in that picture, but I could list all of the influencers. Anyway, I'm sure Malcolm Smutler or someone will recap all of the sights and sounds from the runway show last night, but for now, a congratulations is in order for the NIL GOATs, and here's a slideshow in the meantime:

A comment on that post said "Basketball has come along way" and I'm inclined to agree. Miami Hurricanes to win the women's title this year. Go Cavinders go.