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Chennedy Carter (Who We All Met Yesterday) Would Like To Know What Caitlin Clark Even Brings To The Table Outside Of Three Point Shooting

Three WNBA blogs in a day, but what am I supposed to do? Each story gets crazier than the next. This is the most interesting topic in sports right now and we're in the middle of the NHL playoffs and the NBA Finals are about to start. And I know you've all already seen the video, but I feel obliged to put it in here for reference:

There's literally only one possible correct take on this. Chennedy Carter, and a whole lot of other veteran WNBA players, are jealous of the attention Caitlin is getting, and they're at best hating on her, at worst assaulting her, in response. Don't tell me it's just basketball. And don't tell me the reaction of Angel Reese on the bench is anything other than showing this was pre-meditated and celebrated.

Throw in the congratulatory hug at the next timeout into the evidence file, too.

It's so obvious what is happening that it's insulting to our intelligence to say otherwise. Angel and Chennedy tried to be the heel yesterday, and their actions showed it, but then they refused to talk about it. Angel literally skipped her media  (and was fined $1000 for it), while Chennedy simply refused to speak about it.


I blogged how cowardly it was to commit a foul like that and then plead the 5th, but now I stand corrected. She did not plead the 5th. She actually went right to the internet and liked all the tweets showing how it was justified and that she should do it again.

And she even commented on one, with perhaps the most egregious take in the history of the sport.

Holy fucking shit does this hate run deep. And now I'm genuinely confused. Because it's one thing to be jealous and upset that Caitlin gets all the attention you thought you once deserved, but it's another to be completely wrong in your assessment of her. Does she really believe that? Is her hate so strong she's blinded? It's unfortunate but I really hope that's the case. Because if not Chennedy Carter should be checked into a mental institution. We can't have people with that low of IQs walking the streets. Especially in my city of Chicago!!!  Chennedy, forget ALL of the off-the-court hoopla surrounding her, are we on the same page that she scored a NCAA record 3,951 points in her career? She was a 2x Player of the Year, 3x First Team All-American, the #1 pick in the draft, took little white girls from Iowa to the National Championship TWICE, holds every scoring record imaginable, and is now averaging 17, 7, and 5 through her first 10 games in the pros. At age 22. And Chennedy Carter is acting like Caitlin is the floppy haired white dude that plays in a small town Ohio high school league, only able to shoot 3s and do nothing else. My god, what would her take be on Steph Curry?

Okay, that's my last WNBA blog for the day. Unless something comes out that tops Chennedy Carter, a career 12 point, 2 rebound, 2 assist player, calling out a 22 year old who is already a better all around player than her. Then again, at 16% on the year from the 3 point line who has made a TOTAL of 16 threes in her FOUR YEAR CAREER, I do see why she'd think Caitlin is good from 3. She's already made 26 threes through 10 games….