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Always Be Ready: Legendary Caddie Fluff Cowan Got Hurt On The 3rd Hole, So C.T. Pan Grabbed A Random Fan To Caddie The Final Round For Him

They always say the best ability is availability and this is a prime example of that. Imagine showing up to the final round of the Canadian Open, plan to drink a few beers, get some merch and watch Robert MacIntyre try to hold onto a 4-stroke lead. Instead Fluff takes a spill, has to call it a day and you get called to action. I've never seen a man more ready to be a caddie than this guy

It's basically the homeless dude in Happy Gilmore and him. This is when you get called into action and get a full time gig to become rich. Who cares that Pan isn't close to the lead, you get a little bit of momentum and people will start talking about you more and more. Also this is one of those few times where social media is incredible. No one else would ever believe this story if you showed up to the bar after and explained to your pals that you were a caddie during the final round. Now you can pull up video of you hauling ass and putting on the caddie bib. You don't even need someone to photoshop stuff out for you, perfect photo for the basement. 

This is the stuff of dreams though. Getting called into action during a golf tournament is what all of us weekend hackers dream of. Just one chance and you're in the spotlight. Not to mention you're filling in for Fluff, a caddie everyone knows. This is the first step to being a superstar. 

UPDATE: After I published this we found out that he grabbed another fan. Need to know what happened to fan number 1. Injury? Water break? Is Pan just grabbing fans every couple holes? I'd respect that move. Just every 2-3 holes ask some random Canadian to help out.