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Angel Reese Has Been Fined $1,000 By The WNBA For Not Making Herself Available To The Media After Yesterday's Game Vs. Caitlin Clark

So we all know what happened yesterday, but I'm still going to set the story here. Facts only. Chennedy Carter scored a bucket and then, as seen on camera, called Caitlin Clark a "little bitch" before shoulder checking her to the moon. Me personally, I don't see how there's two sides of this story. The players are clearly jealous of Caitlin Clark, and this cheap shot proves it. Find me another clip where a player calls someone a little bitch and then shoulder checks them off the ball. That's different than a "Welcome to the League" moment. That's hatred. How can anyone think differently...? However, it is also good for the league to be talked about this much. Both things are true.

Anyways, one funny part of the story to me was that Angel Reese, who has said no less than a billion times that there's no beef with Caitlin, jumped up off the bench when she saw the cheap shot like her number just got called at Bingo Night.

And then at the timeout, she hugged Carter. 

I mean are we really going to sit here and continue to lie about two things. Let's just admit the obvious.

1.) Angel Reese HATES Caitlin Clark.

2.) Angel Reese is not classy (and Caitlin Clark, the way she's handling ALL of this….is both classy and way more mentally tough than me or any one of us).

I don't know why that isn't universally agreed upon? The evidence is too clear. And it has been for two years? And I'm not even saying anything is wrong with it. In fact, it's good for the WNBA. But the narrative afterwards is so fake. Just say what it really is! Like, has anyone ever said Draymond Green is classy? No, he is who he is. Angel Reese is who she is. And she's VERY GOOD for getting the league talked about. But to see her act like this time and time again, and then hear the talking heads say you don't know Angel Reese and she's classy and she does not have any issue with Caitlin. Huh?

Which would've been talked about yesterday at the post-game press conference……if she showed up.


Interesting. I wondered why she wasn't up there on the podium after the game? But now it all makes sense. She would've had to answer to questions wondering why she treated a cheap shot on Caitlin Clark from her teammate like she just won the lottery. And perhaps, just maybe, her saying "I have no beef with Caitlin. I love Caitlin. I'm a Caitlin fan" would've finally fallen upon deaf ears.

Anyways, $1000 to Angel won't matter at all because of her off the court stuff, despite her only making $73,000 this year to play for the Sky. It probably would hit a little harder to Chennedy Carter though, as she only makes about $64,000 and has substantially less notoriety in public. Although the WNBA is not fining her for the foul, seeing as she showed up to the post-game (just didn't want to talk about it).