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The WNBA League Office Has Retroactively Upgraded Chennedy Carter’s Foul On Caitlin Clark To A Flagrant 1, But She Will Not Be Fined

Everyone's seen the video but here it is again. You can extend it back two minutes or two million minutes if you want, but the fact doesn't change that this was much more than what some people on the internet are lying to themselves about. This wasn't "just part of the game" and this certainly wasn't a "Welcome to the League" moment. This right here was a stinky disease that we call jealousy. This was the fact that Chennedy Carter was once the 4th overall pick in the draft and her, along with way too many other WNBA players, see all the attention Caitlin Clark gets and thinks she's either unworthy or that they were worthy and didn't get it. Evidence examples 1 through 1,000,000 can be found in all of the hate she's gotten from the vets dating all the way back to the NCAA Tournament.

Evidence example #1,000,001 can be found in Chennedy Carter's cheap shot and Angel Reese's ensuing reaction like she just won Bingo Night. 

Evidence example #1,000,002 can be found in how Carter refused to speak about it after the game.

Evidence example #1,000,003 can be shown in how Angel Reese didn't even speak to the media after the game. 

And evidence example #1,000,004 can be seen in Chennedy Carter's social media likes when she got home.


They all know exactly what's going on. And so does the entire public, only just some people are willing to say it. Either way, the aftermath of the assault is now coming out, and while Angel Reese was fined for cowardly refusing to speak on the issue, Chennedy Carter will not be fined at all. Although the common foul (terrible use of common) was upgraded by the league office to a Flagrant 1.

Look I don't care about the lack of fine. It blows my mind that the refs called this a common foul after review, but whatever. The fact of the matter is that this woman makes $64,000 a year in the league, so while I do think it would be a strong statement from the WNBA to assess the equivalent of a parking ticket and make this jealous women choose between Ramen for a week or cheap shotting Caitlin, I personally don't give a fuck whether she loses money from this. What I DO think needs to happen is that they need to make both Chennedy and Angel actually speak on the issue. No, I retract. They don't have to do anything, but the media reaction should be to crucify them for how they've chosen to handle it! To throw a cheap shot like that and then say "I'm not answering any Caitlin Clark questions", or worse, avoid the media, is bullshit and cowardly. If you're going to be the villain, be the villain. Don't play the heel and then avoid the drama you created. You can't premeditatedly cheap shot a player, like tweets saying "get her one mo time for me" and "put Caitlin lil ass in the basket", and then plead the 5th about it.