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Highest Selling Michael Jordan Card Of All Time Sells For $2.9 MILLION

There it is. The most expensive Michael Jordan card ever sold on any platform ended just last night. The 1/1 "Logoman" auto in which Mike is staring at Jerry West's white silhouette like he's about to give him the LaBradford Smith treatment. 

2.9 million. That's more than Jordan's 2-year deal with the Wizards from 2001-2002. Goes to show you MJ was one of those guys more valuable on paper than in the actual game. At least in his Godfather Part III phase. 

Anyway, figure this is a good excuse to check back in on the auction scene to see what other random shit has been poppin. Unfortunately nothing quite as distinguished and classically respectable as my last check-in blog highlighting Tupac's hand written text (a letter) asking for nudes from prison, but let's see what we got here that recently ended. 

Harry Houdini's Belt Buckle ($37,820)

This isn't just any run of the mill Harry Houdini belt buckle my friends. This is the one Houdini wore to go die after getting gut punched when he "wasn't ready", perhaps playing a role in setting off a totally treatable case of appendicitis that ended up making him go abracadabra. 

Sealed Nintendo Console ($74,420)

If you're in the latter stages of your 30s like me or even slightly older you can probably count a handful of times you'd have paid 75k to get this fucking thing to work if you had it at your disposal. Sometimes it was the game cartridge, sometime it was the system. We'd try all the tricks. Blowing. Shaking. Smashing with a controller. It was a hard knock life when you were given a strict hour of game play time only to spend half of it channeling your inner Nick Kyrgios. 

But alas. Here in this auction was someone's chance at redemption. Finally, with this sealed original Nintendo system, some now grown adult can play some Mario Bros without disruption for their full one-hour alloted game play time. Congrats to whoever that is. Cherish that time. 

Bob Ross Painting ($62,220)

Maybe you're more into art. Well this happy accident could have been yours for just a modest yearly salary. Say what you want about Bob Ross, but that guy could paint a mean motel lobby picture. 

That's it for now. Gonna crush some Dunk Hunt while I still have time.