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Jailton Almeida Gets The Finishes Started At UFC 302 With An EASY Rear Naked Choke

After five straight decisions to kick the UFC 302 prelims off - FINALLY, Jailton Almeida delivered a finish for this fired-up Newark crowd....and he made it look easy!

Almeida jumped Romanov's back early in the first round and tried to apply a rear naked choke (which wound up being more like a face crank) but after a little hand fighting was able to get it under the chin for the tap. It seemed like the obvious outcome, and it was. Almeida is just a few levels above Alexander Romanov, and he was stoked to pick up the first finish of the night….

Oh, and despite the lack of finishes, the fights haven't been half bad (well, Grant Dawson vs Joe Solecki was pretty bad). Ailin Perez vs Joselyne Edwards and Bassil Hafez vs Mickey Gall were both pretty awesome - and this upcoming slate looks pretty awesome for the main card. I'm hopeful that this event is about to go 0-60 real quick.

P.S. The UFC ring girls need a few extra phone chargers right now and guess who's got them covered? 

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This guy. Not all heroes wear capes.