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The Female On Female Hatred Displayed Towards Caitlin Clark Is Batshit Crazy

My girlfriend Paige nailed it. 

One would think that the players of a sport that's been clinging to life on a ventilator for years, demanding attention, praying for a savior to help boost revenue, would be worshipping at the altar of the answer to those prayers. But no. This is women we're talking about. And they make absolutely zero sense.

Caitlin Clark, you naive prodigy. You thought breaking records and bringing attention to women's sports would earn you the undying support of your fellow women? 


Instead, you’ve found yourself in the midst of a catfight, clawed at by the very people you thought you were uplifting. 

Welcome to the sisterhood babe. It's a jungle out there.

Caitlin has been lighting up the court, making headlines, and putting women's basketball on the map. (Tell me all you want that women's hoops was doing perfectly fine before she showed up. You can blow it out your ass. The women's Final Four was in Cleveland this past March and I've never seen demand for tickets in that city like that since Lebron left town. Indians/Cubs World Series included. Sure Iowa isn't far from Ohio, but it was a national audience that flocked to Cleveland for that weekend, not just Iowa fans. It was insane. Not just for the NCAA and women's basketball either. Bars were packed. Hotels completely full. It boosted the economy big time. And there's just zero chance that happens without Clarkmania involved.

You'd think this would be a cause for celebration among women everywhere. 

Imagine: a woman excelling in sports, showing that they can dominate in arenas historically overshadowed by men. HUGE win for feminism, right?


Karim blogged this yesterday and included some pretty good takes on the latest situation that occurred between Clark and Chennedy Carter.

This chick is just trash who has zero class.


Instead of being hailed as a hero, Clark faces a bizarre backlash from other women. The green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its ugly head. It’s as if Clark’s success is a personal affront to those who aren’t living up to their own potential. 

Hate him all you want but Lebron stuck his flag in the ground on the right side on this all. And doubled down.

And Charles Barkley went on one of his better rants about this exact subject matter a couple weeks ago.


Talk about insecurity is right. Talk about petty. 

And Matt Barnes also chimed in yesterday calling out Clark's teammates for being shitty and not having her back. Which he's also 100% correct on, and further proves how crazy this entire thing is.

Because when Matt Barnes is the voice of reason on something, you know shit is fucked up.

So let’s talk about this so-called "women supporting women" mantra. 

It seems this sacred bond only activates when a woman is being persecuted by a man. When that’s not the case, it’s every woman for herself. Got a talented, successful woman like Caitlin Clark? Time to tear her down.

There's constant chatter from people trying to make this a racial issue. (Namely professional race-baiter Jamele Hill who says the hate is all based on Clark's race and sexuality (huh?) And the morons on The View) But nobody has wanted to take Caitlin down a peg more, at the expense of her own sport, than Diana Taurasi. Italian American on Italian American crime. So I don't think that's it.


Here’s the kicker: feminism is supposed to be about equality and lifting each other up. Yet, in practice, it often devolves into a selective support system. The moment a man enters the picture as the antagonist, they rally together like an unstoppable rebel force.

When its just them, it's a different story. Women become the most vicious critics of other women. The hypocrisy is almost impressive in its audacity.

What's been probably the most impressive thing about Caitlin these last 24 months or so is the grace, composure, and professionalism she's handled everything with. All the shit talk, cheap shots, and chirps from the peanut gallery on a non-stop basis and she's handled it all with aplomb. (Awesome word. Look it up)

So, Caitlin Clark, keep doing what you're fucking doing. Your talent and hard work deserve recognition, even if it comes with a side of vitriol from your so-called sisters. Maybe one day, the feminist brigade will realize that supporting women means supporting all women, not just the ones who fit a convenient narrative. 

Until then, remember: if you're not being envied, you're not doing it right.

p.s. - I'm putting all women on notice that if you send hateful things to my girl Paige you're going to have a problem. Right on cue after typing this blog yesterday she posted this following message she received from the clouds from some hateful loser, just furthering this entire thing. Women are so terrible to each other.