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All Hell Broke Loose The Moment Joel Embiid Joined The Champions League Pregame Show

Congrats to Joel Embiid for finally seeing a finals in the name with him there. A real big time achievement for the guy. But this isn't necessarily about him. It's about the soccer version of Inside the NBA. This crew is awesome, I love them and it doesn't matter if you're a soccer (we still call it soccer) fan or not. You even had Thierry Henry start throwing talk about how the Knicks beat him. Sure, he may have admitted he'd wear a Joel Embiid jersey, but he still made sure to let Joel Embiid know that Jalen Brunson is better than him. Any time you can remind the Sixers about that it's a good time. 

This is what I want from a studio show though. Kate Abdo trying to keep control as everyone else just starts acting up around Joel Embiid. Look, if you're going to put a man on your shoulders to show how tall Joel Embiid is, you simply have to. I say this as an average (look it up) sized man. 

I will say, I do hate that Embiid is a Real Madrid fan. It makes sense, of course he is. But no one picks Real Madrid because they want to see some sort of struggle. Oh, you just always get to enjoy the Champions League? Go fuck yourself is basically how I feel about it. It's why I want to see Dortmund win - plus Dortmund had Reyna and Pulisic once upon a time. They are good in my book. Not to mention the Yellow Wall is as awesome as it gets in soccer. 

This is how you prepare for Dortmund/Real Madrid. I wouldn't want it any other way.