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ASSAULT: Chennedy Carter Drilled A Bucket Then Proceeded To Shoulder Check Caitlin Clark Into Bolivian

Assault! "Make this chick fly commercial" is objectively hilarious by Dave here. The call on the floor was a flagrant 1 but regardless, this sorta proves that the theory of the league being out to get Caitlin Clark is true. Also, I'm no lip reader but I think I see a "you little bitch" before the shove too. You gotta give her a three game suspension at minimum for trying to hurt your money maker. Those are the rules.

This will probably be talked about more than the shove itself but what an unreal reaction by Angel Reese. She hopped off the bench ready to celebrate like they just won the WNBA championship. If there's one thing I can admire, it's a generational hater who is going to stand on business every single time when it comes time to throw some hate in the air. I love that drama and need more of it. Those pageviews can feed families for generations.

It is kinda wild though that we're only ten games into Clark's career and you can already make a montage of players being way too aggressive and making non-basketball contact to her. And before anyone says that no one cares, stop trying to make WNBA happen, yada yada, the numbers unfortunately show that this Clark blog from earlier this week was one of the top blogs of the week by pageviews:

What's that saying? Love it or hate it, you watched?