Ts and Ps to the Vanderbilt Outfielder Who Smashed Into the Wall Face First as a Homer Sailed 25 Feet Beyond Him

It's been a tough day for Vanderbilt in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament, with the Commodores getting their shit kicked in by Coastal Carolina and now players adding injury to insult.

I will give this guy a little benefit of the doubt here, because Clemson's outfield has a hill at the wall with no warning track for some reason, but smashing into the fence as the ball sails over your head for a homer is about as tough of a look as they come. You're already down 8-1, just take your chances and play the ball off the wall if it stays in the yard.

I just want to say it's been very sad to see the decline of this baseball program. It used to be a worthy adversary and now the Commodores are getting boat-raced by Sun Belt teams in road regionals. I hope they can turn it around soon, for the SEC's sake.