LSU Freshman Steven Milam And His Purple Tiger-Striped Hair Started The NCAA Tournament Off With A Walk-Off Home Run

So there's a whole lot of people that watch minimal to no college basketball all year, and then they show up in March and give a whole lot of fucks about it. Making brackets, betting the games, living and dying with every shot. The Barstool Chicago HQ Gambling Cave woke up this morning and said, move over March Madness, we will one up you with betting every single College Baseball Tournament game.

Yes, Big T has the #1 seed (and wants me to clarify that he is a mid-week ball watcher) .Yes, White Boy Rick has Indiana in the tournament (and has watched 4 total games this season). And yes, Nicky Smokes has his Florida Gators (and didn't know they had a baseball team). But the fact of the matter is that everyone is in here deciding whether Kentucky is 5.5 runs better than Western Michigan or not, like we have any fucking clue what we're talking about.

Side note: Ben Mintz did release 20 plays today, came in and demanded LSU be put on the main TV, and then disappeared for the next 3 hours. Thank God he did though. What a fucking game vs. Wofford. Wofford, huge underdogs against the #2 seed in the region but the #3 favorite to win it all, went up 2-0 all the way until the bottom of the 7th when LSU freshman Steven Milam hit a bomb to put the Tigers on the board.

At the time, the consensus was this dude sucks, citing his Purple Tiger-Striped hair.

That was until LSU tied it up with 2 more runs in the 8th to take it 3-3 into the last inning, when Steven Milam then got a chance to finish the job. And he did.

And now the hair is officially cool.


I'm officially IN on the College Baseball tournament. I mean, I am every year. In fact, I was supposed to go to Omaha this year with my Dad until I took the job at Barstool. Figured I shouldn't just take 10 days off in the middle of my 3rd month, so I cancelled. But now I will be watching ball and hopefully keeping up with it on the blog. Unless Mintzy beats me to any….