Olympic Gold Medalist Wrestler Gable Steveson Who Had NEVER Put On A Pair Of Cleats Before A Recent Workout Has Just Signed With The Bills

What a Friday news dump from Schefty! I don't know much about wrestling, but I do know Gable Steveson is one of the most dominant wrestlers of all time and an athletic freak of nature. He signed to the WWE and was in their farm system before that apparently didn't work out for reasons that are unknown. And then he dropped his attempt to repeat as a gold medalist for the upcoming Olympics and has been super quiet on social media. Even judging from his few WWE appearances I thought he'd be special:

The most interesting part of this story is that he has never even put on a pair of cleats until a week ago when he had a workout with the Bills:

Whatever they saw in the workout clearly impressed them enough to give him a shot at playing a sport that he's never touched before. Regardless if this ends up panning out or not, you have to take a flyer on a guy with this type of athletic ability. Period.


By the way, no big deal but he finished with a 85-2 record in college and has the best winning percentage in Minnesota history. Go Gophers go.