Kylie Kelce's Harasser Tracked Down At Chocolate Shop, Issues Apology That's Not Sweet Enough

Yesterday, Victor Fiorillo, a reporter for Philly Mag tracked down Andrée Goldberg, the woman in the viral Kylie Kelce video, and there was one main question he wanted answered: "...what was going on in Goldberg’s head at the time of the incident". 

I sent her an email. I sent a message via Instagram to Teuscher Chocolates, the luxury Swiss chocolate shop she just opened in Wayne with her husband, Bryan Goldberg. But to no avail. So I drove out to Teuscher Chocolates to see if she was there.

His trip to Teuscher Choclates didn't go well. 

I introduced myself to the Goldbergs and explained why I was at the store. I told them I was trying to understand exactly what led up to the encounter with Kylie Kelce. Was there more to the story? I wanted to give her a fair shake, let the world hear her side of the story. “There’s no story here,” Andrée Goldberg insisted. Her husband said the same. They both repeated the line a couple of times. I told them I disagreed, that everybody has been talking about this mess. And so I just wanted to get the full picture.

But Andrée Goldberg didn’t want to speak to me.

Bryan Goldberg told me to leave and that he was calling the police. I immediately walked out of the store and to my car. He followed me, taking video along the way.

Not gonna lie, part of me felt a little bit bad for the Goldbergs. One of your lowest, most embarrassing moments is captured for the world to see & it arcs at warp speed through both Philly & the Swiftie-verse creating a perfect storm of expert haters, and then some reporter comes to your business with the sole purpose of gleefully outing your life details for clicks. I'd be pissed & want to bury my head in the (Margate) sand, too. 

That being said, :: insert something clever about the Taylor Swift song Karma here :: + obligatory "play stupid games, win stupid prizes" line. Also, they would have to be absolutely banana-lands crazy to not expect reporters headed their way. I understand the human reaction of bristling, but filming him and calling the cops on Fiorillo was not the move if they're looking to save a little face here. It seems they realized that because a publicist representing the Goldbergs reached out to Fiorillo not too long after the incident: 

So it would seem the Kelce fam showed her grace & accepted her apology that very day (no surprise there), but Ms. Goldberg wildly underestimated that not being nearly enough for the social media mob. We need something a little less canned, a little more genuine. We need to see tears, maybe even a snot bubble, or be even more scandalized/entertained by a doubling down/wild denial of wrongdoing. It got me thinking this morning, what would she have to say that would get at least the smallest nod of understanding from the Philly-area crowd. That resulted in one of the worst, most cringeworthy videos I've ever made, and that's saying a whole lot. And yet, consider me STUNNED that 80% of the comments truly believe I'm her. I'm over here feeling afraid my chocolate business is about to go under.