Tennis Player And Noted Crazy Person Andrey Rublev Once Again Delivered a Meltdown Of Epic Proportions Today At The French Open

Andrey Rublev is quite the tennis player and human being. To me, he's the embodiment of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Off the court you get a calm, kind, gentle soul. Look at him meditating/napping peacefully in the middle of the player's training area before his match this morning. 

On the court? You get an unhinged maniac, capable of a nuclear meltdown at any moment. Today a ball mark called in by the umpire set him off to no end. Below is a three minute compilation video of his self-destruction from his straight sets loss to Matteo Arnaldi. 

Going from being as peaceful as can be pre-match to this is so fucking funny. 

The funny thing about Rublev is that he says he's constantly working on his anger issues. He made it a point to say he'd get better at containing it after he lost it on an umpire back in March. To be fair, this DQ was fucking bullshit, but he did still lash out. The guy is a mental case on the court. 

Tennis is a brutal sport. You're supposed to contain your emotions because "that's the proper way of playing," but at the same time you're the only one out there. It's so easy to get inside your own head with any split second call potentially flipping a match on its head. God forbid players show emotion and scream when things don't go their way. Do some people cross the line and resemble the antics of a deranged psychopath? You could say Rublev may be guilty of that, but hey it's very entertaining to watch. 


While I have you here. The fact that the French Open still resorts to checking ball marks and not replay review is so insanen. Look how dumb this looks. If I was Rublev and I was sure the call was incorrect, I'd lose my fucking mind if an umpire came down from her chair to tell me I was looking at the wrong mark. 

This is how they determine a close call that's in or out. An umpire up on a chair determines from a ways away which mark is which and then points at it. I mean, what are we doing? Practically every other tournament uses hawkeye, but here's the French Open living in the 1910s. I love tennis to death, but my god is it a stupid sport sometimes.