We Got a Gameplay Trailer for College Football 25 and This Game Is Officially Going To Be Exceptional

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Holy fuck, we're so back. This game is going to be unbelievable.

This gameplay trailer didn't have anything in it we hadn't heard about already, but seeing the game in action makes me even more confident in how great it's going to be. It looks like it will play completely different than Madden, which was a concern of mine that has thankfully been alleviated.

The Wear and Tear system seems like it's going to play a big role, especially in Dynasty mode when you have to worry about players' health long-term. I would have been fine if this wasn't included in the game, but it's going to make things even more realistic, so I guess you can't really complain too much. Managing substitutions is going to be critical.

I love that crowds are going to have such a big impact. There was a little bit of that in NCAA 14, but it seems like that was a focus in this game that you'll really feel. I will absolutely rescind this take and say I hate it, however, when Nico Iamaleava throws a bullshit interception on the road like those fuckers had him do in the trailer.

And obviously the unique playbooks are going to be awesome. I'm going to spend the first day just playing a game with as many teams as possible to get to experience all the different offenses you can run.

I'm just so excited to get my hands on this game. Tomorrow is June 1, which means we're only a month away from being in the month in which College Football 25 comes out. So we're basically already there.

July 19 is going to be a day the boys never forget.