'It Was A Soft Takedown' - The Security Guard Who Tackled Adam Hadwin At The Canadian Open Gave His First Interview, Reunited For A Perfect Picture

This was last year at the Canadian Open. Nick Taylor won, finally a Canadian won their Open again. Big moment and fellow Canadian Adam Hadwin went out to celebrate with his pal. Slight problem, security guard here didn't know it was Adam Hadwin and delivered a perfect takedown tackle on the green. Iconic moment that was talked about quite a bit. 

Fast forward and we're now back at the Canadian Open. First, we have the meeting and Hadwin played it off perfectly 

Lean into it, something he has done. 

Now, on the flip side we had never heard from the security guard, until now. 

He goes by Mr. X in the article, doesn't want his information out there because he's a quiet guy. That said, he delivered some great quotes. 

[Source] - “It was a soft takedown,” Mr. X pointed out with a chuckle. “His feet never left the ground.”

“Bryan Crawford [RBC Canadian Open tournament director] came over and it was over quickly,” said Mr. X. “We got up and laughed, said sorry to each other, and it was all over.”

“I got lots of ribbing and it was all positive support,” he stated. “I’m glad it got some notoriety for everyone . . . . but me.”

Did it all without his ruining his pants too. A pro's pro. I get that he can be embarrassed about it, you speared a pro golfer on the 18th green. You went viral, but in reality he was just doing his job. Plus, it was a soft takedown! And credit to Hadwin here. He could have been an asshole about it all, instead he laughed about it, leaned into it and is having a good time. It's an honest mistake and sometimes funny is just funny. 

Still a great tackle. No hip drop, no hands to the face. He squares up, makes the first move and gets him to the ground. That sort of form should honestly be taught in high school football. You don't need to throw shoulders first, you square up and wrap up. Form tackling like everyone screams about.