Elite Athleticism: Rory Shot A 66 Today After Claiming He Showed Up A 'Little Groggy' (Hungover) From Drinking Too Much Wine Last Night

This right here is how you know golfers are elite athletes. There's far too many debates about whether or not they are, but if you show up a little groggy from wine, battle back to shoot a 66? Athlete. This is single Rory we're talking about too. Who hasn't gotten out of a breakup, had a buddy's birthday party and didn't feel hungover? It's a staple in the breakup world. Only difference, again, we don't shoot 66s. The no birdies on the front 9 is something we all know too well, but we're not shooting a 4-under, 31 on the back. 

It's good to know that someone who is in shape like Rory, used to this sort of stuff, needs some time to shake the hangover. This sort of feelings goes one of two ways. You shake it off, get a little hair of the dog and embrace being outside with the hangover or you end up shooting like a 57 on the back. There's nothing else, no other options. 

Think everyone knows there are different levels of hangover too. Showing up groggy, probably means you just had to take a shit, pop some water and you're good to go. That's the after wine hangover that the majority of us should be able to know. But dangerous game walking around the course with that in you. You better get that shit out early and give yourself time to take a Malasek shower 

We admit far too much. I can't talk about Malasek though, it's far too disgusting even by this website's nature. This is about Rory. Single Rory is here. He's drinking wine, showing up hungover, shooting 66's at the Canadian Open and finding himself in headlines: 


He's due for another major, just has to be with this run.