Streamer Natalie Reynolds Talks a Mentally Impaired Woman Into Jumping in a Lake, Then Screws When the Lady Calls for Help

I think I've said my peace a time or two about the open, runny sore upon the buttcheek of humanity that is the subset of the population with the audacity to call themselves 'Influencers." Most recently, this one:

Yet I have to admit the one known as Streamer Natalie Reynolds has only pinged my cultural sonar one time, and that was this fantastic post by Pat about six months ago:

That one alone was enough to establish this chick as a raging narcissist. A self-possessed attention whore whose clout-chasing solipsism knows no limits. Someone who sees the rest of us who are just trying to live our lives and mind our own bloody business without being bothered as nothing but fucking props for her smug, self-indulgent "content."

But based on her latest stunt, Streamer Natalie Reynolds is straight up evil. I'd call her a garbage human. But garbage never intentionally tried to hurt anyone for clicks:


Source - Streamer Natalie Reynolds has sparked fury by daring a woman who apparently couldn't swim to jump into a lake then fleeing in a cheap social media stunt. 

The stunt, filmed by Reynolds' streamer pals and later shared on Reddit, shows the influencer encouraging the woman to jump into a lake before mocking her. 

The woman dove in, then yelled that she 'couldn't swim.' 

Reynolds, claiming to be shocked, fled the scene. She was then filmed with her producers as a fire truck 'rushed' to the scene.  …

Reynolds mimed pushing the woman into the water before telling her 'you should just jump in right now'. 

The lady dove into the water as Reynolds watched. She then turned to her friends, laughing: 'Did you see her a?' 

The woman, now in the water, yelled out: 'You said it was OK… you told me to jump in.' 

Reynolds, giggling to her friends, replied: 'No I didn't'. 

She then left the scene to get into a friend's car.  

With Reynolds on dry land, the woman can be heard yelling: 'I can't swim, I can only [float].' 

Reynolds, seemingly worried, said: 'Stop, seriously, you're actually freaking me out. I'm going to f*ing kill myself. She says she's drowning.' 

The video cut to Reynolds and her friends in a car, with Reynolds saying: 'This is really bad.' 

The whole video is readily available here. But I won't post the part that shows the woman Reynolds left to drown out of respect for her. But you can tell in an instant she's got … call them what you will. Cognitive issues. Mental impairments. Developmental disabilities.  I'm no clinician and wouldn't know what you call what she's dealing with. But you're average 6-year-old could recognize she's vulnerable. The difference is, the 6-year-old would instinctively realize the lady is vulnerable and needs to be protected. (In my experience, kids are naturally that way around disabled adults. My mom's only brother lived with my family, and even the assholes in our neighborhood who were terrible to pretty much everyone were kind to him. RIP, Uncle Richard.) Natalie Reynolds' default setting is to talk the lady into jumping off a dock like she's just some disposable, handicapped, bag of meat. Because, while it might seriously endanger her, it might also be funny content. And that's a price Nat is willing to pay for her art. 

Here's the video of without the drowning woman. Save for her cries for help. That fall more or less deaf on Natalie Reynolds' ears that have nothing but air between them:

I have no idea how old this soulless harpie is. But it's a safe bet that she's a product of the first generation to grow up with a social media account as much a part of her being as her limbs and internal organs. (Aside from a heart, which she obviously doesn't have.) And what no one could've predicted when all this started was how it would strip people like this skank of whatever humanity she was born with. She meets a random stranger on a dock, and it's not a real, flesh-and-blood human, deserving of kindness and a modicum of respect. Not a child of God born with the divine spark. Not a person at all; she's an extra in Natalie's movie.  An NPC for her video game. A plot device for her trash content. If someone did this to a dog or a cat, she might be outraged. But if she can talk some retard into showing her ass while she jumps into the water, OMG it'll be hilarious, yo!

I'll end with this. Unlike a ton of people commenting under this Tweet, I do not want Natalie Reynolds "cancelled," whatever that even means any more. I want people like her online. As much as possible. Because we deserve to know who they are and what they're up to. I want to be able to keep track of them in the same way they put tags on sharks to see where they're swimming. Then we know where the threats are and can deal with them on our terms. So don't go anywhere, Natalie. I'm looking forward to your half-assed, insincere, career-salvaging apology. Now that at least will be funny.