Bryson DeChambeau Just Made Every Golf Course The Most Dangerous Place In The World By Telling People To Hit The Ball With Their Eyes Closed

Every weekend warrior out there thinks they're just one swing tip away from breaking par. You go to any golf course in America right now and the range is filled with 18 handicaps desperately grinding to break 90, 12.5 indexes who are frantically trying to find that swing that'll have them finally able to make the most of their strokes, and some 4's who think they could be pro. 

It doesn't matter what skill level you're at in the game, everyone thinks they're just one tip away. So if Bryson DeChambeau is out here telling you to turn your hat backwards and swing out of your shoes with your eyes closed? Well there might not be a more dangerous place to be in the world right now than on a golf range. Because you're going to have everyone out there taking the most psychotic hacks of their life out there thinking it'll make them the next Bryson. 

So as a general rule of thumb for the next foreseeable future--any time you see someone turn their hat backwards on the range, it's time to leave the premises immediately. Unless you're looking to take a range ball to the throat. 

Sidenote: How many times would it take you to actually flush one with your eyes closed? We're not talking just making contact here. You have to drive the ball at least somewhat comparable to your ideal tee shot. Might take longer than Jersey Jerry to ace Pebble 7.