'The Department Has Us Buying Freaking $80 Pants' - The Cop Who Arrested Scottie Scheffler Really Wants Us To Know His Pants Were Indeed Ruined

I'm not going to lie, I had to make sure roughly 83 times in a row this was a real statement. I kept checking ForePlay's account to make sure it wasn't one of those parody ones. I had to read the statement numerous times to make sure it was all real. The guy decided to make a joke about his pants. He played into it all but more importantly didn't include a picture of said pants ruined beyond repair. That means there has to be poop involved, right? You don't talk about the pants being ruined without it being poop. 

Let's also get one thing straight here. Bryan Gillis here trying to pick a fight with Steve Romines is not a good decision. Romines is not afraid to say anything, is a damn good lawyer and will do victory laps when warranted. This is what he said yesterday after the charges were dropped: 

Does Gillis know we all saw the videos? We saw you running after Scottie's car. I mean at least have a little bit of normalcy if you decide to go after Romines here. Look, anyone with a brain knew it was a misunderstanding and Scottie would get the charges dropped. We don't need Gillis to try and change our mind there. 

This is about the pants. Pretty basic theory here, you can't talk about the pants if you're Gillis and not include a picture. We need to know how ruined they were and if there was or was not poop in his pants. We're all thinking it! We're all fairly dumb humans in the sense of if you provide pictures, we'll flip our minds. You gotta come with evidence. Show us a picture, hold up the pants, anything. If you want us to think the $80 pants are ruined, we gotta see them all.