USC Reportedly Tried To Get Out of Its Week 1 Game Against LSU for the Last Two Years

Saturday Down South — The biggest game of the opening weekend of college football almost never happened.

USC tried for nearly 2 years to find a way out of a contract to play LSU in Las Vegas because Trojans coach Lincoln Riley didn’t want the game, multiple sources told Saturday Down South.

As late as last fall, after Jen Cohen was hired away from Washington to be the new USC athletic director, the USC administration was still trying to get out of the game, including offering other opponents to LSU, sources said.

Just how committed was Riley to get out of the game? High-profile sports agent Trace Armstrong represents Riley and LSU coach Brian Kelly, and a source told SDS that Riley asked Armstrong for help in changing Kelly’s mind.

It didn’t work.

Of course that rat fuck Lincoln Riley was trying to get out of playing LSU. He bolted for Los Angeles the second he heard Oklahoma was joining the SEC, only to get there and find out he was going to have to start Year 3 at USC by taking on the Bayou Bengals and has apparently spent his entire tenure there trying to get the game off the schedule. What a fucking fraud.

I don't know how many times I've ever rooted for LSU to win anything, but I hope Brian Kelly and Co. smack the shit out of USC on September 1. Luckily for all of us, that game is on Sunday night and it's the only game all day. Everyone in America will be watching the Trojans hopefully get humbled by a team they're obviously scared to play. This year's Week 1 isn't stacked, but there are a couple good games on Saturday and now I'm way more locked into this game on Sunday than I ever would have been previously.

The best news of all is we're only 91 days away from the start of college football season. Time to lock in.