Expert Who Verified Vegas Alien Backyard Footage Speaks Out

So If you remember the story I blogged about about a year ago this family in Las Vegas who encountered aliens who had crashed in their backyard, there has been a whole lot more that has emerged since then, and its pretty crazy evidence that expert Scott G Roder came on Audiocraic to break down. 

Now this dude testifies in court regarding Ballistic and crime scene reconstruction. This area of expertise allows him to have to breakdown video to determine whether it is real or fake and under a court of law (THREAT OF PERJURY) have to make these decisions. He's overseen thousands of court cases and had to show testimony that has exonerated or determined whether individuals receive life in prison.

On Today's Audiocraic we see him break down not only the Vegas Alien crash but the JFK Assassination, moon landing footage, and the Scottie Scheffler arrest footage. 

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