Bold Strategy: A Guy Joined His Zoom Hearing for a Suspended Driver's License While Actively Driving

I didn't know if we'd ever see a Zoom court moment that could possibly top Buttfucker 3000 or Cat Lawyer, but we actually may have been gifted with one. This is cinema.

This two-minute video is funnier than 95 percent of movies made after 2015. Everyone's faces throughout the entire thing are perfect.

I see a lot of people reacting to this video with comments like, "How could anyone be so stupid?" Which, 1) attempts to negate how awesome this guy is and 2) actually makes you look dumb for not realizing this was 100 percent on purpose. Nobody shows up to Zoom court for a suspended license while accidentally pulling into a doctor's office. Corey Harris knew he had the perfect plan to go viral and he acted accordingly.

Now, maybe having to turn himself straight into jail wasn't ideally in the plan, but that's the way the chips fall sometimes. This judge chose to ignore the fact that Mr. harris gave us one of the best comedic moments of a generation. I will put money on his books if the deep state keeps him incarcerated for any length of time because he is currently the face of the City Boys movement — a collection of males currently up massively.