Police Finally Arrested A n 81-Year Old, Serial “Sling Shot Shooter” In California After He Evaded Them For Over A Decade UPDATE- He Has Died 1 Day After

NY Post

An 81-year-old “serial slingshot shooter” who had been terrorizing his California neighborhood with the rudimentary weapon for nearly a decade was arrested last week.

Azusa police collared octogenarian Prince King on Thursday after learning he — and not a teenage boy — was the person believed to be responsible for various instances of vandalism caused by the slingshot over the course of nine to ten years. 

King, of Azusa, is accused of targeting dozens of residents through the years — breaking windows and windshields and nearly striking neighbors with ball bearings from the handheld device.

No injuries had been reported over the years but residents said the damage often cost them thousands to make repairs.

He was arrested in his neighborhood where cops were responding to a “quality of life” issue on the 900 block of North Enid Ave.

Police found new ball bearings and a slingshot at his home and promptly cuffed King. 

The arrest is long overdue as cops have been investigating since the first reported slingshot incident nearly a decade ago.

I’m sorry, I know this isn’t what you’d necessarily call a “victimless crime”, but it’s close. 

Sure people had to replace windows and windshields, but not body was physically injured. 

Just picturing this 80 year old guy, (Prince King, what a name btw), rounding the track with the finish line in sight saying to himself, “you know what? I’m gonna go wreak some havoc”, and grabbing his trusty slingshot is laugh out loud funny. 

What a menace. 

I love the police too. “There doesn’t seem to be a motive, or any rhyme or reason to the targets he picked”.

No shit buddy.

Some men just love to watch the world burn.

Bushey said cops believe King used his backyard for shooting practice. 

Police did not have a motive for the bizarre and drawn-out crime spree.

We’re not aware of any kind of motive other than just malicious mischief,” Bushey told the local paper. 

King did however target his shots — they were not random, police said.

All I know is this guy better get off on some technicality. He better not get stuck with some schmuck public defender who tells him he needs to plead down the charges and admit he’s guilty. They got nothing on him.

First off. A “wellness check”? Sounds like an unlawful search warrant and evidence discovery if you ask my former paralegal ass. 

It was apparent he did extensive target practice in his background? 

Big fucking deal. Guy liked to fire some ball bearings through plywood for fun and to get outside. It’s his property. He wasn’t hurting anybody. Let —- live! He’s 80! 

Where is Jackie Childs when you need him?

If I was the state, I would do what Tom Hanks did in catch me if you can and recruit this guy onto our side. Get inside his mind and use him to help investigators learn what makes a menace to society tick, so they can track them down quicker. 

Is a hero if you ask me.

—- UPDATE —-


Neighbors of the 81-year-old man accused of being a “serial slingshot shooter”who terrorized his neighborhood for a decade by firing ball bearings through windows and windshields were left shocked and in disbelief by his arrest, before his sudden death Wednesday became known.

Prince King, who lived in Azusa, died of heart disease at a private residence, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's Office said on its website Thursday.

“He’s always nice,” Veronica Jonasson, who lived next door to King, said in an interview.

Jonasson said that she works from home and that King would frequently declare “break time!” and come over to chat. She said that he would bring treats for her dog and that they never had any problems.

“I’m honestly surprised,” Jonasson said. “I never thought he’d be terrorizing the neighborhood like that.”

Jonasson said she and her sister-in-law called King “Gran Torino” because, like the character played by Clint Eastwood in the 2008 movie, he had white hair, became a widower years ago and lived alone.

If that doesn’t make you feel it right in the plums than I don’t know what will. 

You heard it from his neighbors themselves. Great guy. Old man, widowed and lonely, still living in the house he’s probably been in for the last 50 years. Nicknamed “Gran Torino” by his neighbors, and obviously the life of the party. Everybody loved the guy and was SHOCKED he was the one behind the mischief. 

And then the fun came to an end. And in no surprise, once Prince King was deprived of what fulfilled him and his reason for living, he died.

It’s a tale as old as time sadly…

Since we are a sports sight, the closest analogy I can think of is Joe Paterno. 

Once shit hit the fan at Penn State, and the decades of abuse came to light, Joe Pa was removed from his job. No longer able to pretend to coach football games while Mike McQueary did all the work, he just hauled off and died. 

When you take away a man’s purpose, there’s not much else to keep him hanging on. 

Be sure to pour one out this weekend for Prince King. Rest in peace sir.