The Mayor Of Margate, NJ Has Issued A Formal Apology To Kylie And Jason Kelce, Along With "Dinner On Him"

THATS THE WAY YOU DO IT! Claps and snaps for the Mayor of Margate, who saw an opportunity to save the reputation of his town and took it. As I reported yesterday, Kylie and Jason Kelce were harassed by a drunk woman down the shore (Originally reported to be Sea Isle City, now revealed it was in fact, Margate) and Kylie Kelce stood her ground and basically told her to fuck off. The internet has been chanting her name and in complete disbelief over the fact that someone would speak to The People's Princess in such a way. 

I have personally been embarrassed by my home state because of these events, at a time when we were JUST getting our mojo back after nearly 15 years of The Jersey Shore show decimating our reputation. We can't be acting this way!!! New Jersey has already faced enough judgement for all the trash dumps outside of Newark Airport, being the home of the mob, having too many Irish and Italian people, the list goes on. Despite the fact the food is better than anywhere you go in New York (bagels, pizza, subs, I put NJ up against ANYWHERE), we've been on the outs and the butt of the joke forever. Normally I'm a fan of embracing the rumors - keep the bennys out, property taxes low - but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't nice to see NJ finally getting some respect on its name the last few years. All for this drunk ass mom to try and fuck it all up by coming for the King and Queen of south Jersey? NOT TODAY, BITCH. Not today. Go back to your house in the suburbs, rent the shore spot for the rest of the summer, and start anew next year. Pray that people forget who you are or what you look like, and move on. It's all you can do. THINK OF THE FUTURE OF THE STATE!