I Can't Believe Meek Phill Has Been Hiding A Child From Us And Brought That Child To Watch Yesterday's Mets Doubleheader From Hell

To clarify, Meek is claiming this isn't him.

But as someone with a pair of eyes and a somewhat functioning brain, I am calling bullshit. Everything about that guy is Phill. From the scruffy beard, to the thousand yard stare that every diehard Mets fan develops after countless cuncels, to the style of hat as he reps his team from his noggin to this toes. 

The only way that picture could be more Meek is if he had a tall glass of milk in his hand instead of a baby.

As for why Meek has a baby in his arms, I'm not quite sure. Kyle from our Mets podcast We Gotta Believe thinks that Meek came back from the future and chose yesterday for some unknown reason. Perhaps Future Meek wanted to ensure he would be the last of his family to endure the hell that is a Mets fan, so he showed his seed what life will be like if it continues to travels that road paved in orange and blue tears. A blown save and a loss in extras followed by a getting shutout in the nightcap is about as pure Mets misery as you will get.


There is also a chance that Meek has been hiding the kid so nobody at the kid's nursery school knows its dad works at big bad Barstool. I personally wouldn't blame him since I only recorded using half my face before I was full-time since I didn't want to lose a potential job because someone in my company hated Barstool.

Plus Phill's fellow bunker mate on the social team called him out for hiding his kid like Drake did once upon a time.

Add it all up and you get more questions than answers, which is usually the way things go when you try to unravel the mystery that is Meek Phill. Hopefully we got more Phills From The Future because staring at these people is a hell of a lot more entertaining than the shit the Mets are putting on the field these days.

Luckily we can drink our sorrows away with unlimited beer on what should be a lovely Saturday at the first Barstool At The Ballpark of the season along with a pregame tailgate before Darryl Strawberry gets his number retired. 


Name a better deal in sports. You can't.