Early Reports Are Out From People Who Have Played EA Sports College Football 25 and It Sounds Like It's Going To Live Up to the Hype

Creators who were invited to play EA Sports College Football 25 last week were finally able to reveal some of their thoughts on the game today and if what everyone is saying is true, this game may somehow even exceed its sky-high expectations. This is as fired up as I have been for CF25 and that's saying a lot.

Here is a dump of all the information coming out today:


There's a lot of stuff there from a bunch of different sources, but I'd encourage you to check out everyone's thoughts because they're obviously unique and focus on different aspects of the game.

The biggest takeaway for me is that people who have now played the game swear up and down this is not a Madden re-skin. Yes, the physics will be similar, but it seems like a lot of work went into making sure this game feels distinctly like college football and that was maybe the most important thing about this game to me.

Everyone seems to say the pageantry of the game is off the charts. Obviously what really matters is the gameplay, but getting the details of every school right go a long way towards creating the college atmosphere everyone loves.

Dynasty mode seems like it's going to be incredible. I'm slightly bummed online dynasty won't be available cross-platform — EA has said this could be coming in future iterations of the game — but all the details sound like all the proper enhancements have been made for what running a college football program should be like in 2024. The hiring and firing of staff members and being able to add assistant coaches who complement your weaknesses is a massive upgrade.

Maybe the only L of this entire news dump is that Road To Glory no longer starts in high school, which was one of the best parts of the game mode in NCAA 14. You can choose to be a lower-ranked recruit and work your way up, but you begin your career as a freshman. The rest of RTG sounds great, though, with having to balance on-field performance with academics, branding, health and other areas.


On the whole, today's news has me more excited for this game than I've been for anything in a very long time. Somehow, it seems like the 11-year wait may have actually been worth it.