I Have A Bone To Pick With Notre Dame Football

I think most people who have been reading this site know that I am a Notre Dame fan. I love the Irish. Loved them since I was 6 and since I started with Barstool over a decade ago I have defended the wall dome. Beating back the haters and losers with facts. Historically, it's actually been a somewhat easy job because the truth about Notre Dame and College Football. In 2024...that isn't the case. 

That clip above has brought the haters down from the highlands in droves

In normal years I can point to a schedule made in advance, a genuine top 10 schedule in terms of difficulty, playing a traditional rival like Navy as the true "cupcake" on the schedule as opposed to Georgia Southern or Mercer like the SEC schools play. 

Now... I can't. The 2024 Notre Dame schedule is a joke. Notre Dame should be embarrassed. Notre Dame should NEVER play the MAC. They are above that. The schedule has been getting weaker and weaker under the Brian Kelly regime (still playing his schedule). Now we've got the weakest schedule the Irish have had in my lifetime. Northern Illinois, Miami Ohio, Army, and Navy by choice. ACC rotation giving the ND Georgia Tech and and UVA. The only BigTen opponent is Purdue. Traditional west coast rival, Stanford, is in a major down period. USC and FSU are on the schedule. Louisville is probably the 3rd biggest game. Opening against A&M could be tricky I suppose. Needless to say...I have no ammo to combat the haters this year. Expanded playoff basically ensures that Notre Dame will be in the playoffs. If they're not then I think Marcus Freeman's seat gets warm. 

There is no reason for ND to play this light of a schedule going forward. They don't need to undefeated now to have a shot at a title. Please go back to your roots and play the BigTen teams that matter.